List Of KNUST Undergraduate Programmes

List Of KNUST Undergraduate Programmes

This is the list of undergraduate programmes offered at KNUST. This CHOICE OF PROGRAMME OF STUDY

Code    Title
101     BSc. Agriculture
879     BSc. Landscape Design and Management
880     BSc. Agricultural Biotechnology
108     BSc. Natural Resources Management
735     BSc. Forest Resources Technology
886     BSc. Agribusiness Management
1045   BSc. Aquaculture and Water Resources Management
102     BSc. Biochemistry
103     BSc. Biological Science
109     Doctor of Optometry (OD)
547     BSc. Food Science and Technology
548     BSc. Environmental Science
1422   BSc. Environmental Science (Obuasi Campus)
105     BSc. Human Biology (Medicine)
106     BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology
981     Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)
1277   Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) (2 Years Top Up) (Practicing Pharmacists Only)
110     BHM. Herbal Medicine
531     BSc. Nursing
912     BSc. Nursing (Emergency option) (Practicing Nurses Only)
1370   BSc. Physiotherapy and Sports Science (BSc. Sports and Exercise Science)
1371   BSc. Physician Assistantship
802     BSc. BDS (Dental Surgery) (Fee-Paying)
882     Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
952     BSc. Midwifery (Females Only)
418     BSc. Midwifery (Sandwich) (Females Only) (Practicing Midwives Only)
1374   BSc. Medical Imaging (BSc. Sonography)
953     BSc. Disability and Rehabilitation Studies

Code    Title
104      BSc. Chemistry
201      BSc. Physics
202      BSc. Mathematics
203      BSc. Computer Science
750      BSc. Actuarial Science
951      BSc. Statistics
876      BSc. Meteorology and Climate Science


Code    Title
206     BSc. Agricultural Eng.
207     BSc. Chemical Engineering
208     BSc. Civil Engineering`
1420   BSc. Civil Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
209    BSc. Electrical/Electronic Eng.
199    BSc. Electrical/Electronic Eng.(Obuasi Campus)
738    BSc. Geomatic Engineering
227    BSc. Geomatic Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
211    BSc. Mechanical Engineering
1421  BSc. Mechanical Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
212    BSc. Computer Engineering
213    BSc. Materials Engineering
217    BSc. Materials Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
214    BSc. Aerospace Engineering
546    BSc. Petroleum Engineering
732    BSc. Telecommunications Eng.
737    BSc. Geological Engineering
226    BSc. Geological Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
871    BSc. Biomedical Engineering
881    BSc. Petrochemical Engineering
950    BSc. Metallurgical Engineering
258    BSc. Metallurgical Eng. (Obuasi Campus)
1375  BSc. Automobile Engineering.
1376  BSc. Industrial Engineering.
1377  BSc. Marine Engineering.

Code      Title
205        BSc. Architecture
307        BSc. Land Economy
877        BSc. Real Estate
306        BSc. Development Planning
748        BSc. Human Settlement Planning
853        BSc. Construction Technology and Management (BSc Building Technology)
854        BSc. Quantitative Surveying and Construction Economics (BSc Building Technology)
301        BFA Painting and Sculpture
1445      BFA. CERAMICS (Industrial Art)
1444      BSC. CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY (Industrial Art)
1373      BSc. Metalsmithing and Jewellery Technology (Industrial Art)
1276      BSc. Textile Design and Technology
192        BSc. Fashion Design
303        BA. Integrated Rural Art and Industry
304        BA. Publishing Studies
744        BA. Communication Design (Graphic Design)
1272      BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management/Management)
1431      BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management/Management) (Obuasi Campus)

1273      BSc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business)

1433      BSc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business) (Obuasi Campus)

1274      BSc. Business Administration (Accounting/Banking and Finance)
1432      BSc. Business Administration (Accounting/Banking and Finance) (Obuasi Campus)

1275      BSc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Business Information Technology)

1423      BSc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/BIT)
(Obuasi Campus)

191       BSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management
532       LLB
747       LLB (Degree Holders Only) (Fee-Paying)
731       BA. Culture and Tourism
894       BA. History
791       BA. Political Studies
1387     BA. French and Francophone Studies (BA. French)
1386     BA. Akan Language and Culture (BA. Akan)
1388     BA. Linguistics
1389     BA. Communication Studies
793       BA. Geography and Rural Development.
794       BA. English
795       BA. Economics
977       BA. Sociology
971       BA. Social Work
797       BA. Religious Studies
1415     B.Ed. Junior High School Specialism (Maths, Science, I.C.T.)
741       BSc. Packaging Technology


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